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Keep your bellingham parking lots & walkways clear during snow storms.

Snow removal bellingham wa & whatcom county

Bellingham averages 9 inches of snowfall per year which can cause dangerous driving around Whatcom County during snow storms. When you need to get back to business or just are sick of looking at piles of snow, you need a fast and reliable Bellingham snow removal service. You need Puget Construction & Landscape's Commercial Snow Plow Services In Bellingham, WA.

Trusted Bellingham-Area Snow Removal Experts

When it snows and you own a business or storefront, you are at risk of losing business or being forced to close because of dangerous conditions. A snow removal contract with PCI will save you the headache of trying to figure out how to remain open during inclement weather. You take care of your business and we’ll take care of the snow. No matter how deep, we will make sure that your customers and employees can safely reach you.

We’re Bellingham locals and are proud to serve our community. We know the area and the dangers that can quickly crop up after a snowfall well. We’ve helped businesses thrive through the winter months for years. Our snow removal services can keep you up and running no matter what the weather brings. No more lost productivity. No more lost business. No more slow snow days due to snowy parking lots and sidewalks.

  • Keep your business looking great.

    Bellingham snowfall does not age well. It gets dirty and unattractive, not to mention slick and dangerous. Hiring trusted commercial snow plow professionals like Puget Construction & Landscape means your snow gets removed quickly so your Whatcom County property maintains its curb appeal and remains safe for your employees and visitors.

  • Maintain a safe exterior.

    There is nothing more dangerous in winter months than the slick, icy patches that pop up from snow that was not removed promptly. Numerous slip and fall injuries can be avoided each year if business owners quickly removed accumulated snow from paths and walkways. We’re here to help you keep your property safe for you, your employees, and your visitors.

  • Save time and stress.

    We all love the first snow of the year. Watching the flakes fall from the sky can be slightly hypnotizing. But then you remember all the work that lays ahead once it stops falling. When you partner with PCI, you can have all the joy of watching the snow fall and none of the stress of thinking about what comes next.

Bellingham Commercial Snow Plowing & De-Icing Services

Commercial Snow Plow Bellingham

Commercial Property Snow Plowing

Puget Construction & Landscape will come out and plow your bellingham commercial property whether there is 1" of snow on the ground or over a foot. We have the heavy equipment ready to plow and keep your parking lots safe.

Bellingham Parking Lot & Walkway De Icing Services

Walkway and parking lot de-icing

Did you know that on average slip & fall claims from unmaintained surfaces during winter can cause about $40,000 in damages to the business owner? Let Puget Construction & Landscape keep your walkways and parking lots clear of ice to prevent slips and falls.

Snow Clearance

Snow shoveling & removal

To prevent slips and falls we will shovel the snow and remove it from your Bellingham & Whatcom County commercial property walkways and parking lots as needed.

FAQs About Snow Removal & Ice Management

Snow and ice present challenges for commercial properties, and you don’t want to compromise access or safety for employees and customers. If you own or manage a commercial property in the Bellingham area, you may have some questions about the snow and ice removal services Puget Construction & Landscape (PCL) offers. Let’s tackle some of the most common ones!

Our Snow Removal Service Area

Puget Construction & Landscape is based in Whatcom County, but services local counties with Snow Removal & Ice Management services.

Our Service Area:

Pacific Northwest Snow & Ice Removal Plans

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