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Keep your lawn maintained with our bellingham yard cleanup services.

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Your yard is one of the first things people notice about your property. It’s a way to express your individuality and affirm your status as a conscientious Bellingham homeowner. Poorly maintained lawns drive down your property value and quickly become cumbersome and expensive to fix. Give your yard the luxury treatment with detailed yard cleanup with Puget Construction and Landscaping.

Bellingham Yard Cleanup Services

Our team of landscaping yard cleanup experts provides a full suite of services to help your yard look its best. With the best tools and techniques at hand, we’ll transform your lawn into a work of art — and one that’s healthier and easier to maintain.

  • Lawn Edging

    No one likes the frilly grass, weeds, and other plants that sneak onto your driveways and walkways. Plus, the greenery that grows too close to your structures can cause damage. We manicure your property to perfection by edging your lawn with premium equipment, leaving a clean, tidy trim around your property.

  • Mowing

    Regular mowing keeps your grass healthy and weeds at bay. With our expert mowing technique and top-grade mowers, we’ll cut your grass to the perfect length — and without missing a spot. Enjoy lusher, greener grass and a tidy appearance by trusting us with your mowing needs. Plus, we’ll spare you many a sweaty afternoon pushing a mower around.

  • Pulling Weeds

    Few problems plague your yard like weeds. They overtake and sometimes kill your desired plants, and they’re typically unsightly and ugly. And because these intrusive plants often have deep roots, they’re impossible to remove by simply mowing or trimming them. We get to the root of the problem — literally — with expert pulling techniques that completely remove the weeds.

  • Flower Bed Cleanup

    Flowers are beautiful and fragrant, but by the end of the season, your precious flower beds might be littered with fallen petals, decaying annuals, and scattered mulch. Let us restore your beds to their glorious state. We’ll remove dead or dying biomatter, prune your plants, weed the beds, and replenish the mulch.

  • Redefining Grass Edging

    Is your lawn looking a little shaggy? Does your grass creep over the edges of your yard, overtaking curbs, driveways, sidewalks, and walkways? We’ll restore definition to your lawn with our careful edging techniques. Few things are as visually appealing as a neatly trimmed lawn, and we’ll ensure that your grass stays where it’s meant to grow.

  • Pruning

    Many trees and shrubs require regular pruning to maintain their full glory. We help your foliage stay healthy and vibrant with expert pruning. We know exactly where to cut and how, and we provide a wide variety of pruning shears, cutters, and clippers to get the job done perfectly. Don’t let your prized greenery become overgrown and wilted. Let us prune your plants to perfection.

  • Trimming

    Are your bushes getting out of control? Tree branches hanging over your path? Some plants grow quickly over the course of a season, occluding other desired plants or interfering with your windows or walkways. Protect your home and make your yard look neat and tidy by permitting us to trim your shrubbery and trees. We’ll shape up your shrubs, clip problem branches, and remove dead or dying foliage for a fresh, healthy look.

  • Raking Beds & Leaves

    As autumn comes, so does the beautiful color change in our favorite trees. But then, the leaves fall and make an unsightly mess. Skip the tedium of raking leaves off your lawn and garden beds. We’ll thoroughly rake your yard and remove any decaying plant matter. No more spotty lawns or cluttered flower beds!


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