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Master Subcontract Agreement

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Puget Construction & Landscape, LLC
1245 Bradley Rd., No. 19
Lynden, WA 98265
T: 360-325-9216


THIS MASTER SUBCONTRACT AGREEMENT (“Master Subcontract”) is entered into between PUGET CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPE, LLC (“Contractor”) and {Name:3} (“Subcontractor”). By entering this Master Subcontract, Subcontractor agrees to the terms below for each project Subcontractor works on for Contractor during the term of this Master Subcontract, unless a separate written subcontract agreement is entered into by and between Subcontractor and Contractor for a given project, in which case that separate written subcontract agreement shall govern that project only. This is a Master Subcontract, the terms of which shall be automatically incorporated into each Approved Quote as defined herein. Contractor shall issue to Subcontractor an oral or written Project/Job Number or Project/Job Name for each individual project covered by this Master Subcontract.
A. Subcontractor
MM slash DD slash YYYY
        1.1     Subcontractor will submit a quote to Contractor, either in writing or on a form acceptable to Contractor, for each project upon which Subcontractor desires to work. Submission of a quote constitutes a representation and warranty by Subcontractor that it has reviewed all plans and specifications for the project and acquainted itself with the project sufficiently to enter into a binding agreement to perform the Work in the time specified by Contractor.

        1.2     Each quote shall specify, at a minimum, the scope of work to be performed by Subcontractor (the “Work”), the price at which the Subcontractor will perform the Work (the “Subcontract Price”), the time period by which Subcontractor’s Work will be completed (the “Subcontract Time”), and any other details required by Contractor.

        1.3     Signature by Contractor on a written quote is required for the quote to be an “Approved Quote” for purposes of this Master Subcontract. An oral quote by Subcontractor becomes an Approved Quote when expressly accepted by Contractor, whether orally or in writing. An Approved Quote becomes a binding obligation on both parties and is incorporated into this Master Subcontract. Each Approved Quote shall be deemed to be a separate and independent contract, and the terms and conditions of this Master Subcontract shall be incorporated automatically into each such independent contract. If a quote becomes an Approved Quote, the Subcontractor shall perform all labor and furnish all materials, tools, supplies, equipment, services, facilities, and supervision necessary for the complete and proper performance of the Work for the Subcontract Price within the Subcontract Time. Each Approved Quote is subject to the terms and conditions of this Master Subcontract. The Approved Quotes are intended as additional clarification of the Master Subcontract, but in no way limits or supersedes the Master Subcontract. Where contradictions occur between the Master Subcontract and an Approved Quote, the more stringent requirement on the Subcontractor applies, as determined by Contractor.

        1.4     This Master Subcontract, including any Approved Quote and change orders issued pursuant to the terms of this Master Subcontract, shall remain in full force and effect until terminated as set forth herein. A default or breach of an Approved Quote, with respect to a project, shall not constitute a default or breach with respect to any other project, as each such Approved Quote shall constitute a separate contract.

2.     Master Subcontract Term. The term of this Master Subcontract (the “Term”) shall commence as of the Effective Date and expire thirty (30) days after either Contractor or Subcontractor gives the other party written notice of termination (“Master Subcontract Termination Notice”). Termination of this Master Subcontract shall not terminate any Approved Quote entered into prior to the effective date of the Master Subcontract Termination Notice. Unless expressly agreed to the contrary by the parties hereto, this Master Subcontract shall govern all Contract Documents (as defined below) and other agreements and understandings between the parties hereto entered into during the Term of this Agreement with respect to a project that is subject to an Approved Quote. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the termination of this Master Subcontract shall not extinguish, modify or affect, in any way, the rights and obligations of the parties with respect to any Approved Quote or associated Contract Documents for an identified project that were issued or entered into by the parties prior to the date of such expiration or termination, which shall remain in effect for the duration of the Project. In the event Contractor and Subcontractor enter into a separate and full written subcontract agreement for a project, then that separate and full written subcontract agreement shall not be governed by the terms and conditions set forth in this Master Subcontract; however, all Work not governed by a separate full written subcontract agreement performed by Subcontractor for Contractor during the term of this Master Subcontract shall continue to be governed by the terms of this Master Subcontract.

3.     Contract Documents, Bond, and Insurance.

        3.1     The Contract Documents for any Approved Quote shall consist of: (1) this Master Subcontract Agreement, including any and all exhibits or addenda attached hereto; (2) the contract agreement between the Project Owner and Contractor for the project including the terms and conditions (including the supplementary, and any special and/or other conditions, the specifications, plans, drawings and any addenda) of that contract (the “Main Contract”); and (3) if applicable, any contract (including general and special conditions of such contract) between Contractor and any entity in privity with Contractor for which Contractor performs Work or assumes duties or obligations on the project.

        3.2     Subcontractor agrees to perform its Work in strict accordance with the Contract Documents including, but not limited to, all terms and conditions of the Main Contract. Subcontractor also agrees to be bound by all laws, government regulations, orders and all terms and conditions of the Main Contract, to the extent of the Work herein subcontracted, which provisions are hereby incorporated by reference.

        3.3     Under provisions of Article P herein, a bond IS NOT required by this Master Subcontract unless specifically required by an Approved Quote.

        3.4     Under provisions of Article R herein, the amount of insurance required for this Master Subcontract is and as further detailed on Exhibit B hereto:

    General Liability

    Automobile Liability

    Employee Liability

    Employer’s Liability or Stop Gap Liability











    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Master Subcontract as of the date of the last signature below (the “Effective Date”).


By: Jonah Wilson
Title: Member/Manager

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