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After recently relocating from Texas to Ferndale, the client purchased a home and moved in. Soon after that, the client wanted to tackle some major backyard issues he’d identified. Put simply, he wanted to make the backyard safer, more enjoyable, and more functional.

Despite the beautiful setting, the backyard was basically a dangerous cliff. Because of that, the family didn’t feel comfortable going out back, and they weren’t enjoying that part of their new property. Since they loved everything else about the property, they wanted to make things work, but they needed professional help to do it.

What the client had in mind was creating a wall. In addition to that, out of a wish for more privacy and a buffer between the family and traffic to the local mailbox, the client wanted to plant several well-placed trees. So he contacted PCL.



Following consultation with the client, we developed an initial proposal: construct the wall as seen in the photos here and then plant arborvitae trees in order to create the desired separation of the yard from the neighboring traffic.

Upon further consideration, though, we temporarily brought the project to a halt because we realized there was an even better way to implement a great design for the client’s outdoor living space. We went back to the drawing board and came up with a hand-drawn concept plan, and then we presented it to the client.

The new concept maximized the property’s backyard potential by including several additional features: custom-poured patio pavers, a stylish black hog-panel fence, a gravel-surrounded fire pit, a perfectly sized patch of grass, and raised beds for growing vegetables, blueberries, and raspberries.

The client loved this new proposal and accepted it. PCL promptly got back to work.



Upon completion of the project, it was safe to say that the clients were ecstatic with the results, and they remain so to this day. Before PCL got involved, the clients were so unhappy with the backyard that they not only didn’t like being out there but also didn’t even like looking out back from their patio.

From not even wanting to sit out on their back deck at all, the clients went to wanting to be out there whenever they could. It’s their favorite living space now, and they think going with this project was one one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. Another great project by PCL, and another win for our customers!

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