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Irrigation Installation & Maintenance Services Bellingham WA

If you want a great looking, easily maintained lawn, you want to have irrigation installed. A well-functioning, high-quality irrigation system will help with the upkeep of your lawn, ensuring regular watering, as well as proper drainage.

In order for your irrigation system to work effectively, you will need to make sure that it is installed properly with top-notch materials. You’ll also want to ensure that your system receives regular preventative maintenance and care, keeping it from breaking down or causing drainage issues.

The expert team at Puget Construction and Landscape is highly skilled in installing and maintaining irrigation systems. Whether you are looking to have your first irrigation system installed for your lawn, you need your irrigation system replaced, or you are in need of maintenance or repair, PCL is ready to help.

We provide irrigation services for homes, which includes installation, ensuring proper functioning and high-quality standards, as well as regular checks for current or potential leaks. When you have the professionals at PCL work on your irrigation system, you are investing in top-notch service, solutions, and installation.

Irrigation Solutions

Bellingham Irrigation Installation

Irrigation Install

If you need a new Bellingham irrigation system installed, PCL has the perfect team to make sure the job is done right. Our experienced team is skilled in proper installation techniques and is educated in code to ensure your installation is done with accuracy, safety, and compliance in mind.

Every Bellingham irrigation system requires an intentional, careful design for the particular property and landscape. Our team will properly divide up your lawn into different zones, ensuring every area receives the water that it needs and that the water pressure is controlled.

Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair Bellingham Wa

Irrigation Repair

At PCL, we are able to provide the necessary repairs on irrigation systems and expansions. We provide regular checkups to make sure your system is running seamlessly. We come out when you need us, checking on and repairing any issues your system may be experiencing. Our expert team is able to diagnose any problem that your system is experiencing in order to determine and execute the right solution.

Our drainage solutions include installing french drains, trench drains, dry creek beds, site grading, as well as reservoirs and dry wells. We will diagnose your issue and provide the best solution for your needs.

Irrigation Winterization Bellingham

Irrigation Winterization & Maintenance

The change of seasons tends to cause issues for irrigation systems. Winterization is essential so that your system makes it through the winter without damage. Once the season has ended, you’ll need a spring startup to get your system going again.

Our Bellingham irrigation winterization services include shutting off your main line, hooking air up to the air attachment, blowing air through all zones, checking for any issues, and performing any necessary repairs.

Our spring startups include turning your system back on, checking for the right irrigation coverage, making any necessary adjustments, and performing any necessary repairs.


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