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Concrete is just about everywhere you look around Bellingham. That doesn’t mean all concrete is the same, however. Nor does it mean that all concrete contractors are the same.

Concrete also doesn’t come in just one color and style anymore. Today, you can choose from different colors in order to customize the landscaping around your residential or commercial property according to your needs. In addition, you can choose among different textures ranging from contemporary to traditional. You can even go with increasingly popular pervious concrete, which lasts longer and improves drainage, an important consideration in our region.

Transform your outdoor spaces with our custom concrete services.

When it comes to concrete services, a trusted pro like Puget Construction & Landscape (PCL) is what you need to ensure a sound investment that will last for years to come. Our experts listen to you and help you choose what works best for your property, and then we make sure to get the job done right, using only the best materials and proven techniques.

Following is a sampling of some of the many concrete services we provide.

Custom Concrete Contractor Bellingham Wa


Most homes have an existing concrete driveway that need repairs for cracks and potholes that develop. Such features look ugly to begin with and lower curb appeal, but they can also cause vehicular damage when they get really bad, costing you, your guests, or your customers good money.

Custom Concrete Staircases Bellingham Wa


Don’t let a crumbling staircase or the lack of one at all affect access to and enjoyment of your property. We can construct safe, aesthetically pleasing staircases that provide full accessibility to your property wherever they’re needed.

Custom Concrete Walkways Bellingham Wa


A custom concrete walkway on your property can add function, accessibility, and visual appeal. Our expert designers will work with you to develop a plan that reflects your vision, and then we’ll bring it to life.

Concrete Foundations Bellingham WA


The most important aspect of any concrete project is the foundation. Quite simply, everything else rests upon it. If your provider doesn’t prepare the ground properly and make sure the foundation follows best practices, your foundation is more susceptible to cracks, shifting, and other problems from weather, moisture, and traffic.

Custom Concrete Patios Bellingham Wa


One of the best ways to enhance your outdoor enjoyment and increase value is to add a beautiful patio to a property. With the many colors and styles now available for concrete, the possibilities for your perfect patio are virtually endless. Every step of the way, from fleshing it out to presenting the finished product, PCL will work with you to make sure your patio is everything you wanted it to be.

Retaining Wall Bellingham Wa

Custom Retaining Walls

In order to maintain a division and prevent errosion we can make custom concrete retaining walls to fit the needs of the project. Our retaining walls are built strong and look beautiful to accent your current landscaping and property.


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